Topping And Defoliating Some New Photo Period Cannabis Plants. Gold Leaf, King Tut and Violator Kush

Time for a bit of training on my girls. King Tut- 4.5 Weeks. Violator Kush- 3.5 weeks. 2 Bergmans Gold Leaf- 3.5 weeks and 2 4.5 weeks. This Video Is For Adults …

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  1. Yooo bill I'm hoping all is good with you I was looking forward to your next video. but there wasn't one so thats why I'm leaving a comment to hope everything is okay.okay buddy hope to see the ladies soon.keep growing brother.

  2. it's called " whorled phyllotaxy". it's a recessive genetic mutation and since the male Y chromosome is the recessive sex >90% of plants with WP will be male, and females will typically be substantially LESS potent. This mutation is really common in Mazar/afghani based reg lines like Violator Kush.

  3. Every time you said ( i will get you guys on tripod ) i get very excited because its learning time , thank you very much bill we really need people like you in our community 💙💙💙💙💙

  4. My brother and I are both trying our first grows. Your informative videos have been a great help. Thanks for taking the time to educate us newbies. Only wish you were closer and able to come visit our babies. Thanks again

  5. thks for the vid,great practical advice no bs on feeding ect. ,isay ditch the mutant even if its female they tend to hermie and or not produce well , if not now your clones from it will-thats why i never use out-sourced clones {why pay for the miriad of problems that come with} thanks again !

  6. Hey Bill I been following you ffor a while now and I really like all your videos.i have acouple ?? For ya if you dont also growing autoflowers.and they are about 12 inches but bushy and it's day 49 in veg, they haven't started flowering yet she hasn't shown pistols yet.and they are really green.but was wanting to know should I turn my light cycle to 12-12 or leave it 18- 6?.

  7. or you could eat it those leaves are food dude .it was even given to man many thousands of years ago its real name is manna .you eat the leaves dry them grind them to powder mix with any coconut oil cbd or pain med oil thc the mix into a pesto i personally call it "pesto da manna" and yes folks this is real manna that god once gave to his people. you eat whole plant many thousands of ways to eat this food. its a food and a medicine we need this food to grow us as a species .
    trust me eat the whole thing and you dont have to worry about getting rid of that leaf thats what we use to do in the very old days im a hippy kid yep im old. also after you squese the trichomes out its still all eadible i have eaten this plant for over 50 years not as much last few years but untill it was illeagalised anyway cant wait till we can grow it so i can feed myself againg with the healthies plant on the planet
    pesto da manna sounds gritting when mixing with oil also only 1/2 teaspoon full if using with med oil 1 teaspoon if with cbd no more all vitail ingredients in leaf will be suffice for the does for even a overweight dude like me the texture is weird at first as you are not use to it its like eating a good cookie made from same plant its so wsweat it evcen over powers the coocnut oild its whats in the leaves that you need . dont over strip you plants before flower just take what you need untill you have to harvest then dry store and reaady for any meal it shoul be in every meal

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