Training Your Cannabis Plants: Expert Techniques / Mel Frank's Private Garden / Green Flower

Get a never-before-seen look at legendary grower Mel Frank’s private garden as he and Green Flower’s Derek Gilman discuss and demonstrate his personal …

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  1. Mad respect to Mel!
    But DUDE! That metal rod sticking out of the ground on that uneven hill is just asking for an injury! it gives me the heebeegeebees. Please. please, please get someone to fix it so it safe.

  2. I learned and have been doing this for years. I use plant tape and duct tape the one end to plastic buckets. I also don't like pinching the stems, slowly train the plant stems down. Pinching puts the plant into repair mode and won't continue to grow until that is done, sometimes takes days to get out of repair! THUMBS UP BROTHER!

  3. You have to cut the apical meristem in order to redirect hormonal allocation. Only tying it down just means that you have lowered it spatially and opened up the lower branches to sunlight.

  4. Really enjoying this channels mellow delivery of information. Just a couple fellows having a chill conversation about growing. Kudos, I've subbed and look forward to seeing more great content.

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