treating a sick rabbit with seizures, Binky Rabbit was very sick two days ago

so here is to make awareness one of Binkys seizures. He is ok now! I know these are horrible and heartbreaking to watch but they are part of Binky and there is …

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  1. Binky is so lucky to have you guys caring for him! Our other bun had a back injury when he was young and couldn’t walk, move or bear weight. After three months of PT, massage, and a nucleotide food supplement he’s finally able to move and run. (We have a video of his progress )
    Great job never giving up on your beautiful bun!!

  2. Oh my Steph i feel so sad knowing that poor Binksta Bun had to suffer through another seizure. Bless you for taking such good care of that adorable ball of fluff. Constantly praying for the both of you <333

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