Vincennes University Marijuana Legalization Debate

Sponsored by VU’s Center for Research and Learning, community leaders debate: Should Indiana legalize marijuana for recreational use?

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  1. Someone needs to tell the professor lobbying against legalization that it is not Workman’s Comp policy to get a drug test immediately if an employee is injured on the job. It is at the discretion of the employer. Get your facts straight dude.

  2. Yes! Most definitely. The decriminalization and legalization of marijuana should be in place in Indiana. As you can see, around the country and the states bordering Indiana are becoming more progressive by starting medical marijuana programs in their states. By continuing the criminalization of the medical and recreational use of marijuana it is a move of regression, which is very unnecessary in such a time and date in history. It may be easy to oppose such use of this drug, saying it is unsafe and redundantly saying it is illegal, in the sense of employment and use on the street. It's as if the facts were non-existent! I couldn't get past the 30-minute mark without furiously typing and using my search engine to find the facts! It pains me to think I have to travel out of state to enjoy a part of American culture while Alcohol, which was once prohibited as well, is a more prevalent and dangerous counterpart where I live!

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