We're Getting a Micro-Cultivation License in Canada… | Fastbuds Week 8 Update

This content is intended for Canadian adults over the age of 19. We do not condone any illegal activities. Everything in this video is legal under Canadian law.

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  1. what do you think- i'm going for 6 different strains right now, 4 of them fast buds. I have 4 10 litre buckets and 2 solo cups just for testing purpose. i overfed my other 2 Auto grows, this is the 3rd one and I started feeding them even tho I'm using biobizz all mix. I am using mineralic instead of organic nutrients, combined with an organic thing (called "Alpha Boost") that lowers the stress of the feeding and helps to prevent salination.
    however, my plants look sooo good and healthy and it feels as if they exploded like never before. I'm going for a mix of different companies (that I basically set up out of experience and testing now) and I'm curious. I will also use "Canna Flush" for the first time 1 week before harvest so they will stand in a completely emtpy soil and mature well (for the taste, aroma and smell of the smoke).
    do you think its worth doing all this? I was just impressed by you saying you didn't feed your plants before and I'm thinking of maybe trying the same (however, I'm not growing organic right now)

    btw do you look for employees? I'm dead serious, I already wrote a mail to a canadian authority and asked how it works to move, what references i need if i want to become a canadian citizen etc.
    if you consider getting a super motivated german guy into your team hook me up for a skype call or so 😀

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