What you should know about N.J.’s marijuana ballot question

NJ.com cannabis reporter Amanda Hoover hosted a live town hall on NJ.com’s Facebook page with industry experts in support of and opposed to the marijuana …

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  1. Prohibition does not work. We should have learned that by 1933. All drug laws should be abolished. It is costing taxpayers a fortune to arrest, prosecute, and imprison people for their own self destructive behavior.

  2. If ppl are going to drive high it’s not going to matter if it’s legal or illegal .. exactly the same as if you are pregnant and smoking weed… that’s a silly argument. Legalize it!!

  3. The Bishop is wrong at least on this topic. There is no reason to not legalize cannabis. Anyone, anywhere can acquire it at any time; even inmates in prison manage to acquire it. No reasonable person therefore would keep it Illegal. Plus, It would allow several things to happen. It would be regulated. It would be taxed, thereby generating significant revenue for the state. It would no longer be prosecuted by the criminal justice system, thereby saving tens of millions of dollars. In addition, it would mitigate the over policing of certain neighborhoods. And, it would create legal opportunities for entrepreneurs to create businesses centered around cannabis That would help lift folks out of poverty, get them off the streets, and increase State revenue via to taxing of income legally earned.

  4. Cannabis should be legalized. The reduced cost to the public in enforcement, judicial, and incarceration would be a huge benefit. The Bishop is using unbased histrionics to create outdated talking points. Nothing he said made any real sense or had a valid point. Alcohol is far worse to the public. The federal gov. also needs to remove cannabis from schedule 1 classification.

  5. Gov. Murphy jacks up cigarette prices (along with gas and anything else he can) every other week, with almost HALF of the cost of cigarettes going to taxes. Do you really want him involved in pot? You're better off just buying it illegally on the street. Even if you keep getting caught and fined, you'll pay less. lol

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