When to Harvest Cannabis Plants (The Perfect Time) Cannabis Grow Guide Week 11

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  1. It is scientifically proven flushing before Harvest there's no different in between flushing before Harvest and not flushing before you harvest you can't take away what's already in the plant

  2. So generally from when the white pistols appear it’s at least 5-6 weeks to stay in flower and if the pistols are still very white and mostly upwards harvest is a ways off, just generally correct. Once the pistols are curling down and changing color it’s close to appropriate harvest just in general? Just bc a plant is covered in flowers and tricomes on fan and sugar leaves it doesn’t mean it’s close to harvest just means so far you’ve done pretty good? Some of these harvest videos are saying from seed to harvest like 8-10 weeks and I’m thinking more like 14 to 18, thoughts?

  3. I have a auto flower jack frost growing im ten weeks in and ots kinda skimpy and is forming nugs buts they are really loose. The tricombs are starting to milk up but the nugs arent are exsploding like yours.

    Secomd question
    I have a 300 watt grow light and im running about 43% humidity. Am i doing it wrong?

  4. You harvest when the fan leaves start to turn yellow. There’s no need for all this bullshit. The plant will tell you it’s self when it’s ready!. Why ya gotta make this so scientific? It’s actually pretty simple

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