YELLOWING CANNABIS LEAVES? One of These Things is Causing It!

Yellowing leaves on plants is a stressful thing to see, but can be even more stressful for Cannabis plants themselves. Here are the top reasons why a plant is …

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  1. Great vid. Unless I'm missing it, would love to have a video about yellowing leaves during flower. Been through many grows so I know it's a natural thing, but this year they are sooner than expected. This is a new generation of genetics, but trying to narrow down if it's a Cal-Mag issue, not enough Nitrogen in flower, or a PH problem. Nice chill vid with great info, thanx.

  2. Guys I was able to sprout a rare seed that I found in a bag of flower. Successfully got NJ it to grow about 1 foot tall in a big pot of planting soil. It is already starting to bud like crazy but the bottom tier leaves are turning yellow and falling off. Rest of the plant is losing its green color. I am thinking I will test my soil Ph and next time I water it add plant food to the water. I am using one of those pots that you fill the bottom tray with water by the way

  3. 3:06 thats not a calcium defiency…. Its a root damage symptom. The fool known as dr coco from coco for cannabis uses this pic to show a magnesium deficiency… The dude recommends daily fertigations from day one after the seedling sprouts in coco which is absurd…unless youre looking to test the effrcts of over watering. 😉

    This uneducated, Narcissistic approach of his causes root damage from over watering leading to plant symtoms that don't match up to usual plant deficiencies making it difficult to diagnose to novice and experienced growers alike.

    No hate towards you guys though…. Just pointing out this picture is not a magnesium deficiency but is likely a root damage symptom from either too high ec, high carbonates, too warm nutrient solutions and root zone's, over watering, bacteria, incorrect ph. 💚🇬🇧🖕😘

  4. ok do you need nitrogen or grow in flower? I use general hydroponics in soil and I've got to much nitrogen darker green leafs and clawing downward I use recharge and add molasses some times

  5. High from Canada. Found you by accident cuz my leaves are turning brown. So I thought I'd check you out. Long pause….. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Doubt you'll ever see this. I'm starting here and binge watching, backwards, all of your videos. Thank you kindly for posting this content. I'm lost when it comes to growing as this is a trial run for me. I can't wait to see where your advice takes me. Cheers for now. Your new fan Sativa

  6. If you're in ground with sandy loamy soil is there potential for nutient lock out? Using tap water with ph that is close to 8. Plants look great until big buds were really getting established. Plant is yellowing from the middle center old growth but now is yellowing and dropping leave at top of colas. No burn or spotting just yellowing to the end and dropping. Any suggestions?

  7. Very good video, but I'm also getting brown and black spots, on some of the leaves. And its also on my watermelon leaves, not as much, and just one mint leaf , last night. So now I think it's over feeding them. I'm in the smokey part of norcal. And though it was that. Diminishing sunlight and smokey air.
    Thanks again,Wonka luv .

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